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Starting again

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Hi guys,

Happy New Year to everyone - hope you all had a good time! I haven't been on here at all really after the trauma of losing my two beloved goldies (thread here: http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/118849-helpadvice-for-2-poorly-goldfish/page-12#)

But the time has come and Id like to start keeping fish again so I'm asking for a little advice off the back of what happened at the end of last year. I hope I've picked a suitable area of the forum, please let me know if I need to move this thread elsewhere.

Jared (amongst others) helped me loads last year and said at the end his recommendation would be to break the tank down, disinfect and start again. I was just wondering if someone could elaborate on how to go about doing that. Obviously drain the tank, then scrub it. Should I use bleach? And if so is just normal household bleach (with no added extras) ok to use? Should I dunk all ornaments and the substrate (pea gravel) in a bucket of diluted bleach and scrub them?

With regards to the filter - I have a Fluval 405 external canister. How do I go about disinfecting that? Just shut it all down, bleach everything and dry it out? What about the intake and outflow hoses, could they house bacteria? Best way to clean those out?

Sorry for alllll the questions!

If someone has some advice on how to get this tank sparkling and ready for new inhabitants I would really appreciate it.



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Use regular household bleach, followed by a rinse, and let everything dry in the sun. Rinse again before you add anything back to the tank, to remove any residue of any kind. If it still smells like bleach, keep rinsing. 


Throw away all filter media and replace it, even the ceramic media. 


Substrate should not be bleached and needs to be thrown away. I would also throw away the ornaments in order to prevent any issues regarding bleaching those. 


Although you can clean intake and outflow hoses, they are also easily replaced with appropriately-sized vinyl tubing from your local hardware store. It's up to you whether to spend time vs. money on that. 


Good luck, Dawn. I hope this new start is just what you need to get back into the hobby!

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Hi Dawn,


Make sure the bleach is unscented, old-fashioned, plain bleach.  I believe the concentration for disinfection is 1 part bleach to 19 parts water.  Hot water also helps to kill many things.  You can fill a tub with this solution and soak your filter tubes, etc. and then rinse them thoroughly.  Another thing I like to do with equipment, plants, ornaments, etc. that I have bleached is to do a final rinse in heavily Primed (Seachem) water to neutralize any residual bleach.  The final thing is to let "everything" dry out completely before you use it again.


I agree with Chelsea about tossing the gravel.  It might be good to start with a bare bottom tank and then maybe try sand later.

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Yay for getting back into goldfish keeping!

For disinfecting tanks and tank equipment, I use the ratio of water to bleach of 1:9 for two hour. I use the 1:19 ratio for disinfecting plants.

After the soak I rinse several times with plain water then soak in heavily Prime'd water.

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