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Disinfecting Plants on Driftwood


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Hi, I've bought a couple of pieces of driftwood with anubias attached recently, and I didn't do anything to it since I highly trusted the source, but I've seen another couple of pieces I want to buy, but I've had snails transferred to my tank from plants from this store before, Also since this is a chain store I worry about ich which a fish I bought from there has had before too. (I do like this store though, they have always given me great service and I've bought plants/fish from them many other times without problems but better to be safe)


I was wondering what is the best way to disinfect the plants/driftwood? Normally I would do a bleach dip on plants but worried that the bleach would soak into the driftwood and don't think the anubias would like boiling?

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This is what I'd do, Mandy:

1. Remove the anubias and treat them separately. The roots are expendable, but the rhizome is not. If you don't think you can remove it without damaging the rhizome I would leave it alone.


2. Place in quarantine for a few weeks.

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I bleached my driftwood for a few minutes, rinsed it well, then soaked it in a bucket for a few weeks.  Mine didn't have any plants on it yet but I think you could still do it.  When you soak it, use tank water or add some ferts and make sure it gets some sun/light.


I'm pretty sure in Helen's bleaching video that her plants are on driftwood . . . .  :D

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