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Lettest is sick with dropsy. I'm treating him the best I can, but he's deteriorating. Please help.


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I hope the treatment works, bagho :hug

Such a pretty oranda :heart


Thank you for your words of hope, my friend.


hun, the video is private.. 


you are doing all that you can for him. sometimes, despite all our efforts, persistent bacteria will be the winner. i have witnessed some of my fish relapse under treatment several times and there was absolutely nothing i could do to prevent their passing. it is unfortunate, but it's reality.


find peace within yourself and understand that you are going above and beyond to help him. if it works, great. if not, don't beat yourself up. at least you cared enough to try.  :hug



I completely agree. 


You've done a lot for him and you've given him a great life.  At this point, I don't think there is any more you can do for him.  :(




I'm welling up.


I'm so sorry that you and Lettest have suffered so.   :k055: Others can advise on how to best release him from his pain if that's what you choose.

I'm stopping antibiotics and will only feed him sucrose solution.




Lettest is dying. :cry

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Lettest passes away at 1:12 AM IST, January 3, 2015. Rest In Peace, my beloved Lettest, who has seen me through so much, and has been with me all the way through the sunshine and storms.

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I am so sorry to hear this.  :bighug


RIP Lettest   You brought much joy.  :heart



I'm sorry, Bagho.  He had a good life.

Thank you for your kind, pacifying words, Suzanne, Lisa.


8 years -- do you think he lived long enough? I'm just trying to console myself. How much 8 years of oranda-life translates to human years?

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Thank you very much, everyone, for being so kind, so healing to us today. It is true over the months I've been through much, and I couldn't attend this wonderful forum. But it overwhelms me to find that you have always been there for us - my fishies and me - like it was before, as if we all are family - "Ohana."


In Hawaiian culture, it is said,

"Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind.... or forgotten."


Thank you! I will try and be more active in this forum henceforth.


And Helen,


I love you so much for so much you've done for us.

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