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Which Sealant ...?


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Resealing my 90 gallon metal frame aquarium. I want a super safe grade of industrial super strong sealant.

Question is:

- aquarium sealant OR

- industrial strength food grade (FDA approved) sealant? (100% silicone!)

Thanks soo much!! <3

~Elaine Selene

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Hi Elaine,


Plenty of people have used ordinary silicone sealant, but it can be an art to read the labels correctly and make sure that there isn't any mildew suppressant or other unpleasantness.   Taking pictures of the labels can help people here give better advice.

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Use an aquarium sealant. Industrial sealant is not rated for continuous immersion in water. I've seen these industrial silicone sealants, clearly labelled - not for aquarium use; some say; Do not immerse in water.


For brands, use Wacker or Dow Corning.

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