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Changing Goldfish Tank Layout


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I was sorting through some of the images I have taken of my tank and thought it might be interesting to see how the tank layout have evolved. A secondary thing of interest is how much bigger the goldfish are now




Set Up 01




Set Up 02




Set Up 03




Set Up 04




Set Up 05




Set Up 06




Set Up 07




Set Up 08




Set Up 09 - I always hated the gravel that came with the tank it was sold to me as black. I finally tracked down some real black gravel and like it so much better




Set Up 10




Set Up 11




Set Up 12

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:thud what a beautiful tank :)

I really like the anubias on the left because you can see it better :thumb:

Your goldfish are very pretty too and have grown nicely :nana

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Thanks everyone for your kind comments. To answer the questions some of you asked:


I had the tank custom made for the antique sideboard it is sitting on. The tank is all class and completely open at the top. I thought I wanted a glass box of water with beautiful goldfish but it was totally wrong when I had the tank installed on the sideboard. All glass looked too modern with the sideboard and in my 120 year old house. So I got a carpenter to make the moulded top that now sits on the glass top edge of the tank.


The tank was set up in June and the fish were introduced in late July after the tank had cycled. It has an internal power filter that is hidden behind the large Anubias at the left hand end of the tank. The tank is in my dining room and I did not want hoses hanging out of the tank and I did not want to cut holes into the sideboard so the hoses could attach to an external filter inside the sideboard.


I find as the plants are maturing and filling in more that I need less of them in the tank. I also replaced some of the larger rocks with smaller ones to make the tank feel less crowded. I always disliked the gravel that I bought sight unseen and was very happy when I found the finer black grave I have now.


I love these four little fish (well not so little now they are growing quickly) and want them to have a beautiful and healthy environment to live in.

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Thanks Dan & Tithra,

I made a complete botch of your gel food recipe Tithra - twice, :blink: I missed the bit about removing the skin from the Peppers so it was too bitter for the fish. I will get through the hectic Christmas period and have another go - third time lucky I hope?  :D

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you are so creative, my favorite look was pic 08


though none of them are hard on they eyes! Can you come do my tank?


congrats at raising such big healthy goldfish!

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