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Mr. Fishy's Tanks and supplies Need Gone Now!

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Hi Everyone ~~~~


Long time no see. LOL


Those of you who know me and went through everything with Mr. Fishy and I know how much stuff and tanks and tests kits and rocks and on and on and on.


For those who don't know, I live near Redlands California and I have a 38? gal glass show with cherry stand and a 20 gallon acrylic sick tank and a 1 gal. corner dosing tank.  I also have a 10 gallon tub with lid loaded with aquarium goodies, test kits, OTB filters with some cartridges. etc.  Need to get it ALL gone before Thursday, Dec. 18th.  Must take ALL.


Preferential treatment for long tem friends in the Southern California area or other friends who is willing to pay shipping charges for some of the smaller stuff.


Send me a message or contact me via this thread if interested.  The equipment has been sitting out on the patio since Mr. Fishy passed so it's really dirty and needs a cleaning.

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Ok, got through the appraisal and inspection, but still have all of Elvis' stuff.  No big rush now, but still need to get rid of it.  I will upload pictures as soon as I can remember how.

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