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Two Bottles Daphnia video


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This is my two glass bottles Daphnia culturing from yellowish water pond but the question is when should i feed it to my fries since its three days free swimming ?

Actually my breeding started on 9 Dec, from my observation its little bit bigger than fries mouth !


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When I use daphnia for fry, I take two approaches. When they are the smallest, I grow the fry in green water and put large adults u. With them so their babies are eaten by the fry. As they grow, I put smaller days Daphnia in with them.

You can make sieves of various sizes and collect the different stages of growth.

You should consider aerating and also make a culture out in the sun that you can use to feed your cultures. Human urine in small amounts is one of the best fertilizers for this.

Here's the idea, you can make sieves fairly easily by hit glueing meshes to short lengths of pipe or a container:



Last year in my greenhouse system, I raised fry brineshrimp free. I feed the adults, the water turned green, they eggs were incubated in green water hatched, inoculated with large adult daphnia and were not fed till about one inch in size.

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