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Filter upgrade but can I go larger on tank size.....?

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Maybe some of you remember that I have asked alot about Aquaclear HOB filters... yes I have not been able to forget about them 


I took the change and bought a Aquaclear 70 HOB.

I had to cut a bit of the inner lip of the aquarium rim, but no problems now it fit perfectly an I love it.  :thumbup2: 

I now run 

Tetratec ex1200 external canister 317 G/H

JBL CristalProfil e901 greenline external canister 238 G/H.

Aquaclear powerfilter 70

I still have my 66 gallon (250L), so I believe this give me a total of 855 G/H turn over (12,95 times per hour)


Could I with these 3 filters upgrade to a 86 gallon (325L) It will give a 9,94 times per hour turn over. How does this sound? 


I now have 4 goldies and I would LOVE to mayby get one more if I upgrade to 86 gallon. Is that a no-go? 


Asta: 10 grams

Preben: 16 grams

Kaj: 31 grams

Oscar:  29 grams





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With that amount of filtration, you can easily upgrade to an 86 gallon tank.  We generally recommend 10X filtration for HOBs and 5-7X filtration for canisters so you are good.  :D


Four GF is just about perfect for an 86 gallon.  Your fish are small so you could add one more.  However, keep in mind they grow fast so you may need to eventually set up a second tank or upgrade again :lol2  should your nitrates get too hard to control in the 86 gallon or they start to look crowded. 


Glad you're pleased with the AC70.  Sorry you had to trim the rim.  :teehee

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