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Is ada amazonia worth it?


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I've used Eco Complete and I wouldn't call it sharp. It's more like gravel with a lot of variation, so I could have sharp pieces, but overall, it seems tumbled with rounder edges. :idont

I have a few bags of Eco Complete sitting in the garage and what I have is definitely sharp. Maybe it just varies per batch?

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I have ada amazonia in my 15 gallon tropical tank. The first thing that I noticed was the extreme cloudiness when I first added water. Then a huge spike in ammonia. My ammonia was of the charts but it really helped cycle the tank. I didn't need to add anything else. My plants are doing extremely well in it. They do have a lot of light though. I topped it off with a much finer black sand. Just for the sake of my shrimp and corys. My ph is a lot lower which is perfect for the tropical.

In my goldfish tank I have a gravel. I used to have a thin layer of caribsea. I washed it but still had two days of cloudy water. I didn't have a planted tank at the time but loved it. Some bits were a bit light and therefore floaty if disturbed. I then added an unbranded gravel. This is perfect for the fish to rummage in and a lot cheaper. I added root tabs for the plants and have a fair bit of light. The plants were d ping great. One thing that happened when I added the gravel, was a spike in silicates and therefore a mass algae outbreak. Recently I did a prazi treatment which destroyed a lot of my plants and a very big clean out, which again added a lot of silicates. So mass algae outbreak again.

I have thought about switching to AD A however I am worried about the low ph (the natural ph of my tap water is 8, it is a lot low er in my tropical) and the huge spike of ammonia in an established tank. Plus the cost..

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