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Prazi powder


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Hello fellow aussies

Anyone know if it's ok to buy pure prazi powder online and get it shipped to Oz?

I know certain anti biotics are regulated hence controlled and not allowed.

But since we have prazi based products such as the Blue Planet fluke tablets, I'm hoping it's ok?

Just that I want to treat quite a large volume of water without having to take out all my fish and put them in a small QT tank.

Anyone with prior experiences?


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It will almost certainly be seized. People have gotten liquid prazi into the country, but I highly doubt you'll get any powdered antibiotic passed customs. Medicines usually require paperwork to bring into the country, it's part of the reason metro meds weren't shippable.

You can always ring customs and see what they have to say. Here's their number:

1300 363 263

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Well I figured because metro meds contain metronidazole which is a controlled anti biotic.

Praziquantel is available on the shelf for pet use so I thought might be ok.

Thanks for the number but I'll just see if anyone has any actual experience in whether they have brought it in before.

Also metro meds contain animal by products which is another reason why it can't be brought in.

I'm just after plain praziquantel powder.

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