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thought I'd do a combined fry thread


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Theyve been busy lil buggers already lol.

I have 3 tanks of newborn fry on the go and a few buckets lol (ran out of tanks)

So finally moved a heap into a new spare pond and freed up some space.

Will have to try and get a pic up. (Photo bucket isnt liking me atm... lol)

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Lol yeah. Theyre going nuts atm.

About a spawn a day (different tanks etc)

So im just trying to pick and choose which spawns i want to keep etc.

This time i have 2 wakin spawns (managed to actually catch them in the "act" and save the eggs)

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Yeah they're one of my favorites.

Hopefully will get some nice red & whites out of this lot.

And once ive finished my fish room and got my spawning tanks up and running i hope to breed some calico dragon eyes.

Im also tempted to "inter-breed" and make my own style- look of goldfish.

Then i can get the characteristics of what i like in a fish (...maybe? Lol who knows what you will get. And thats rhe fun bit lol)

Im trying to find some real nice veil tail (or long tailed) Ryukins atm. But no luck.

All the ones i see are short tailed or absolute rubbish quality.

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