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Tank Update


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I've added some new fake plants, and some small driftwood pieces with live plants attached.

Next plans are to get some suction caps so I can stop the airstones from moving all the time and be able to attach the airlines to the glass, and be able to get some more driftwood with plants, I'd really like a fairly large piece with anubias for a centre piece type thing. Also need to fix the background, it's awkward getting in there though and it's the wrong size so thinking about just taking it off, I really like the black though so I'm not sure.


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Your tank looks so fresh and bright. It's beautiful. That's great that your going to anchor down those tubing lines on the sides of your tank for I'd hate to see a fish perhaps get tangled in one or get a ripped fin. (their fins don't look like they would though for they don't look long and flowy....but better to be safe)

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