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Amount of supplements in gel food


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I'd like to add a few supplements to the Super Green I feed, but I am not sure about how much is the right dose.

I only prepare small batches of gel, enough for a few days, because I dislike how weirdly watery it gets after thawing, and it only takes 5 minutes to prepare a small batch.

I want to use Vitamin C (500mg pure vitamin C tabs) and possibly basic probiotics (20mill. live cells per one tablet), as well as koi clay.

Does anybody have some info about how much should be used? I don't want to overdose anyone with anything :lol

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Isnt repashi supergreen a complete food? Maybe i'm missing something though...

I have been making and feeding homemade gelfood for over 6 months and i add multivitamins and C simply based on the advised daily dose for people. So when i feed 2% of the fish bodyweight per day i should add 1 adult daily dosage(asuming 75kg as average weight for an adult) to 1,5kg gelfood. When looking at (for example the amount of vit C) in commercial dried foods it seems it varies between 500 and 150 mg per kg, so i think the amount i'm using is ok or maybe a bit too much. I think i would do the same with probiotics if i would use those and have also done this with medications once or twice.

For the clay you can also check howmuch is added in dried koifoods, but since i have BB tanks they eat the clay that settles on the bottom so i dont really see the need to add it in the gelfood.

I must say that this is my own way of doing these things, and there is a risk to making your own food or adding stuff to commercial foods.

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Repashy Super Green is not a complete food. It lacks sufficient animal proteins, as well as having a somewhat poor amino profile, and some trace vitamins are missing or inadequate. (citing a talk with Alex here) This is why it's not okay to feed exclusively, and we suggest supplementing with FBW or some other complete animal protein.

I have a feeling that weighing out supplements for tiny batches of food is going to be more annoying than helpful.

My :twocents if it is helpful at all. :peeka I hope you get the answer you're looking for, Fang. :)

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