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Urgent Help Needed- Oranda Mystery Illness


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OK the kanaplex is FINALLY here and I have started treating as per the packet which means half a level measure for 10 L.


Cleo is by herself in a 10 L clear bucket with an air stone.


I have just noticed that it's supposed to be 10 Gallons not 10 L, I'm worried this will make her worse-so should I just put her back in the main tank and treat them both with Kanaplex?


I should add that although Amidala is much better she still has a bit of those spots left on her tail and I have done everything we discussed, water parameters etc, prazi...


What do you think?





I am just reading this as I was away yesterday.  Yes, I believe the dosage is 1 measure per 20 Liters or 5 US gallons.  So, a half scoop would be correct for 10L.  However, it is probably hard to judge precisely a half scoop and a 10L bucket isn't really big enough to keep her in.  So, It would be better to treat her in a 10 gallon (40L) QT tank or tub.  The dosage would be 2 measures per 10 US Gallons (40L) every other day for a total of 5 doses (10-day treatment).  Do a 100% water change before each dose and add Prime on the days in between doses to nuetralize any ammonia or nitrite.



I think you must have added the rest later on as when I saw this it didn't address the 10 l /gallon part, I sort of don't have a choice because I don't have anything bigger, but will try and find something else in the coming days.


I have had a bit of a disaster happen since we last spoke!

The tank collapsed!!!

I heard a sound much like Poseidon cracking the side of a cliff and then water EVERYWHERE.

The bottom just split apart- the worst part? This happens at MIDNIGHT, so I was scrambling to find something for her and stop water from flooding my neighbours!!!


So today I have transferred Amidala into a slightly bigger tank 112L all I could afford at such short notice.

I must admit I am now wearing thin on patience, my love for fish keeping has been somewhat dimmed by this whole 8 month saga.


Cleo-Well, I have decided that if this does not work ( very likely since I am nearly on the last doses of kanaplex by now) I will probably send her to sleep, I just cant see how it is right to keep her in this state. Although she swims upto me, she can;t feed herself or swim freely.


Amidala started displaying some of the symptoms, the whirling etc,that cleo did when she started to get this way despite now being completely clear of flukes, so I am not wasting any more time and treating her with kanaplex immediately to avoid a repeat.


Since she is in the new tank she seems to have perked up a little- rushing around the place no doubt she is glad for the space because she was in a large vase over night until I could get to the lfs in the afternoon!!! Nightmare.


Although my love for them has not faltered, I'm a little downhearted with fish -keeping at present  :doh11: xx

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Hi  Guys,

Well here is the latest.


Amidala is much better and all by herself in the new tank.

She still has a couple of white spots on her wen which come and go- it does puzzle me  and whenever I see them I do a round of prazi and large water changes but the main thing is all her symptoms have stopped; No more gasping bottom sitting or whirling- the kanaplex seems to really help with that but as I say those spots are stubborn.


I have decided it is Cleo's time.

After six months of caring for her and  several weeks hand feeding her  she is now not eating from my hand any more and seems genuinely laboured in her efforts to stay alive... I think it would be the kindest thing to let her drift off.

I will be reading the forums here on euthanasia but if you have any tips on how to to do  with speed and ease it would be much appreciated.


If I decide to acquire another fish for the tank I will follow the quarantine procedure to avoid further disasters.



Thank-you all so much for your help, you have been a real source of information and comfort.


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I just read through some of this.  Sorry to hear about your troubles!  In my reading I have found that the most humane way to put a fish down is to knock it out with clove oil and then increase the dose to kill it.  If this is not possible the next best thing is to dunk it straight into a container of freezing cold ice water and then put it into the freezer.  I dont really care for the second option but....  

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Yes, I watched Helen's very brave video and that is the method I will be using.

I'm so sad it has come to this but she is much, much worse than Leon in that video so I think it is the right thing.

http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/114643-euthanizing-a-video-demonstration/ xx

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Sorry to hear about Cleo.  I euthanize with a lethal dose of Clove Oil followed by freezing.  


For Amidala, if you want help, we would be happy to help you with the Prazi and Kanaplex treatments.  Both need to be administered in a particular manner to be effective and safe :)

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It would be great to hear how others have disposed of remains once fish pass away, as flushing is not an acceptable option for me

Kanaplex is all gone as per your last instructions and have the prazi schedule still too. Unless there is anything else.


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I'm so sorry to hear about Cleo, however it sounds like you're doing the right thing for her, you've done a great job of caring for her :)


With regards to her remains, if you take them to your local vet clinic I'm sure they will dispose of them for you. You could even request for an individual cremation if you would like to keep her remains, but there would be a charge for this and it isn't for everyone.


Lots of hugs to you and Amidala   :hug

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Cleo passed away this morning very peacefully with some clove oil and is now asleep in the garden.

Once under anaesthesia it was very obvious just how ill she was, her stomach was completely mushy on one side and a hard ball on the other.

I strongly suspect it was a tumour or that her swim bladder was swollen to the point of being turgid.

Left out an autopsy as I just couldn't face the prospect for a first time but I am positive it was the right choice

Painful though.

I will now try and focus all my energy on keeping Amidala happy and healthy, I have switched to making gel food for her too which seems to be working wonders.

Thanks again for all your help!


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