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Hi all !
....I know this is long overdue (as I have been very scarce in the kokos vortex for the last few months) :yikes:sorry::
It's been pretty crazy this past summer, with the birth of the mocha fry, me getting a new job, and now school starting :krazy:

Anywho, I just thought I'd drop some morsels of my finned children here.... :rolleyes:

Above are the 5 remaining Mocha fry, they are still living happily out in the 75 gallon outdoor tub-pond :D

A picture of Mochi and Misha from a month or so ago :heart

Mochi-man :heart

Miss Misha :wub:

....Sadly these are some of the last photos I have of Misha :(
She passed away a few days ago, she had been struggling with swim bladder issues ever since her initial spawning with Mochi and never quite recovered :bye2:
It really broke my heart to see her go, especially since losing Monet this past spring....
I feel blessed that she left me with such beautiful fry though :heart

Rest easy my little Misha-nugget :rip:

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Awww it's so nice to see an update from you! :hug

I always wonder about your fry. :teehee I sat there a minute, wondering who that dark colored fish next to Misha was! :o Duh! He looks fantastic. I like his cap. :teehee

I am so, so sorry about Misha, though. :( She was a gorgeous girl. :hug

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Beautiful photos! :heart Mochi and Misha look stunning.

My condolences on your loss. At least you have some beautiful fry to carry on her good looks and hopefully some of that beautiful personality!

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