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Spoon Fry!


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Oh well it was picture day and I thought I would take some pics of my fry.. I will start with the smallest







Couldn't exactly fit in the 1/2 TBSP :rofl And here is a pic in a 1/4 C to show his emergine colour :)


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Forgot to mention that the last pic of Clarabelle also shows the extra fin rays on the top of each caudal fork and is the best I can describe to the fusing of the tail that seems to show when he is swimming. I will keep him around, maybe it'll be easier to show once he gets older.

Oh and thanks Katy! :D

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Cute little fish.

I like the names you chose.

:rofl Thanks but those names are thanks to my two little girls. I may have chosen slightly different names. :lol

I hear you.

My boy gives my fish at home a new name every week.

Right now, it's White Ninja Fish :rofl

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