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Pictures of my tanks!


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I posted a picture of my tank in another thread, but decided to share some other pictures. I recently got some new plants from Big Al's and really like their color than the other plants that I got from Petco. I also decided to share some older pictures to show the evolution of my hobby =)

First Tank, had 3 goldfish in a 10gal... eek!


Had 3 young goldfish! 2 are still with me


Then decided to go for a more natural look


And finally I got my new tank, and here's what it currently looks like!


One of the fish got quite a bit bigger, and turned white. The other has grown very slowly.


The loach is still around, though mostly buried under the substrate. Sometimes he finds himself in strange places...


And that's it! No pictures of the pleco yet.

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Thanks everyone =) I was kinda bummed when the one goldfish turned all white because I like more color, but he/she still looks good =)

I'm feeding them Hikari brand food: Hikari Goldfish Staple, Hikari algae wafers for the pleco, and occassionally Hikari Goldfish Gold (I got it more recently and it expires later so eventually I'll feed them this exclusively) Have you guys had good experience with that food?

I read on one forum that if the goldfish eat a lot of the algae wafers, that that might cause the color change... is that true? My other goldfish (the calico) has stayed fairly stable in color, but he's also a little different... His mouth is malformed and when he was younger, was not able to eat any regular pellets. So he picked at the algae wafer a lot. I guess if algae wafers causing color change were the case, then he would've changed? :idont

Very cool. Like the shape of the new tank. How many gallons is it??

It's 26 gallon. I made a mistake in an earlier post and I thought it was 29 =X

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I like the white one best too! :teehee

As for the food and changes in color…from what I understand different foods can make certain colors more intense or encourage a certain tint…but I'm not sure that a food will cause a fish without a gene for a particular color to pick up a color. Am I making any sense.. :doh11: It sounded better in my mind. :rofl

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