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Red Cherry Shrimp Dying Off


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Another update: Since my last update, I've had one to two shrimps die per week. I installed a water filter in my kitchen sink, so I've been using that for my shrimp tank. Several weeks ago, I noticed that the lucky bamboo that I had in the filter box was turning yellow (I think it had been turning yellow for awhile now). I pulled the bamboo out of the box. Since then no shrimp deaths as far as I can tell, and just today I count 18 shrimp babies. Yay, they're back! This is the first time I've had babies since the original die off many months ago. Maybe the yellowing bamboo was putting something toxic into the water and/or the filtered water is helping. In any case, we have shrimp babies! :thumbup2::happydance:P:greenbanana::redbanana::nana

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