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brineshrimpegg - seller of, you guessed it...

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There are SO many brine shrimp egg sellers out there, it can be overwhelming. First I ordered San Francisco Bay brand on Amazon, because I was familiar with the brand name, and I was able to rush the shipping fairly inexpensively. They hatched fine, but 6 grams was $6.29. Then I ordered a different brand on Amazon because I ran out so fast, and it came in a 40 gram size. I'm not very happy with that brand. Very few actually even hatch, and I'm sorry I bought the larger package.

So on to brineshrimpegg. :) I ordered from them on eBay about the same time as the 40 gram package on Amazon because I was really afraid I would run out before it arrived. I paid for priority shipping, but USPS didn't deliver it in good time - not the sellers fault, but they still communicated with me and offered a small discount on the shipping (even though they had to pay more to ship it priority).

The price on eBay was $4.50 for 10 grams, claiming a 95% hatch rate - and I BELIEVE IT!

This stuff is awesome, the bbs are swarming in there!

on eBay

Just tonight I learned they have a full website, where they sell the 10 gram package for $4.20 + free shipping.

I will definitely be ordering from them from now on, and I wanted to let you all know about them too. :)


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