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Warning Label, new heater

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One of many strange and disturbing things about the packaging, Fang. As a general rule, I do always unplug everything before sticking my hand in the water though.

REALLY??? Half the time I am up to my armpits in the tank water!!!! I NEVER unplug the equipment...unless I am removing it to be cleaning or something!!! Often I see something knocked over...or I just want to move something...I just do it. If I turned everything off each time it might be shut down MORE than running!!!!! :hmm

I even have a dish towel that I keep next to the tank for drying my arm!!!

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The proofreader in me is going nuts right about now. "Persons without incompetence"? "Immerged"? :rofl

The only time I turn the heater off is during a water change, to prevent it from smoking. I stick my hands in the tank all the time, including 3 times a day to feed my fish, and never turn the heater off to do this.

I have high electrical charge (this is apparently a thing; I looked into it after I realized how many times per day I was getting shocked at work), but have never been shocked from my aquarium. Electrical shock in an aquarium is actually mentioned in the Johnson and Hess book, but I can't recall the cause or treatment.

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