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Tiny Oranda


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This is my new Oranda I posted about last week. I took these pictures when he was in a 2Litre lunchbox while I was cleaning his tank, I've just being calling him tiny and it's sticking :P He hasn't been very active since I got him home, I'm hoping he just doesn't like the prazi, he does enjoy his food. Hoping that it wont be long before the name Tiny seems hilarious :P




You can see just how tiny he really is! I also weighed him today - he weighs only 7 grams

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So cute! I love his little cap. :teehee

and I must agree, those fins are long already. They will be fabulous! Congrats! :D

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He has grown a tiny bit =3 He weighs 8 grams now. I'm hoping he will grow a bit faster so that when he does go in the main tank he wont be so dwarfed. I'll keep him in QT a while longer I think. I've done 3 rounds of prazi so far, he still spends most of his time in one corner, and he Poops A LOT. Like there ends up being so much in there after less than a day @_@ I've never seen so much from one tiny fish. I've put some fake plants and a tunnel ornament in the tank, incase it was the fact that everything was so open that kept him hiding in the corner all the time. He still eats well, just isn't as active as I'd like to see. If he doesn't pick up in a few days I think I'll do a D+D for him just incase

But more photos!







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