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eBay seller fishman724 review

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On the 15 of August I purchased from fishman724 (Bruce) an order of 10 banana lilies. They were shipped the following Monday and expected to arrive Wednesday August 20. Imagine my concern when they didn't arrive! Not Wednesday, not Thursday, not Friday. Finally on Saturday I contacted the seller.

"Hello fishman724, I just wanted to know that as of tomorrow, it'll have been a week since the banana plants were shipped and they still have yet to arrive. I don't have much hope for their state when they finally do arrive, either. Anyhow, I just wanted to let you know why I hadn't yet left feedback on the item. I hope this can be resolved happily for all, above_all_else"

Being new to ebay, I accidentally started a case instead of just messaging the guy. Monday the plants arrived, but I wasn't home to see them. However, I had my father send me pictures over email and they looked okay. And then today fishman responds,

"Please advise if you received your plants yet and if so are they ok ? Bananna plants are extremely hardy but if your are not ok please advise and I will replace at no charge to you. Bruce "

Everything about that response (other than spelling :P) is perfect. First of all, his first concern was for the health of the plants, He first asked if the plants were okay rather than pulling some crap response about shipping and deflecting blame onto someone else. I'm impressed. Then he goes on to cater to the buyer's (my) possible needs, offering to replace the plants at no charge if the plants are damaged. And again, I'm impressed. So thoroughly impressed!

Of course I couldn't respond to this when I first got it, as I wasn't actually home to see the plants yet (Stupid work -_-) but as soon as I got home the first thing I did was check the plants.... and wow, was I surprised! 10 Healthy beautiful banana plants with non-melted leaves, strong roots and thick banana rhizomes. Little to no melting. Happily sitting in my tank. These plants spent a week in the mail, probably lost by the postage service, and yet their impeccable care prior and great shipping still landed them in my home and tank in tip top shape, better than the plants I could purchase at lfs times 10. So naturally I responded like this;

"Holy crap, Bruce, what are you doing to these plants! A week in the mail and they arrive perfectly healthy with strong, non- melted leaves and healthy roots. I can't say I've ever been so impressed with a shipment, and I've purchased a lot of things online. Many of the plants I've bought have arrived much faster and still been in inferior condition than these plants. 4000% impressed with the quality of your plants. Not only that but your response to my not recieving the plants was to ask if they were okay rather than to blame the postal service. That's so admirable. Caring for the plants first and foremost is so cool of you. I'm very impressed with you as a seller and definitely plan to buy from you again soon. Sorry to open a case in the first place... (it was actually a total accident... pretty new to eBay and only meant to send you a message. I hope this doesn't affect your feedback or anything negatively -_-) Awesome to work with you, hope the plants continue to flourish. Above"

I've never been so impressed with a buyer's quality, ever. No holds barred, best transaction I've been part of. Definitely check him out for all your plant needs!

fishman724 http://www.ebay.com/usr/fishman724?_trksid=p2047675.l2559

They don't have much up now, but I assure you, what they do have is well worth it... Even if it does take awhile to arrive! :teehee

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