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Finley & Franklin's First Fry


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This one is fast becoming a favorite!  Huge eyes and deep body.  If I were to show any, this would be the one - what do you think HinFin?  Give it to me straight, I can take it, and I'd rather hear it now than at the show. :whisper   I feel like the overall shape is good, along with the individual features, what about the color, is that a deal breaker?



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Hi Kath!


Sheer cuteness! I dont mind the 'uncoloured' ones at all, when crossing different genepools you can expect this colour so don't worry about it. The fish seems to have a single anal fin, this i dont like, but also no dealbreaker unless you plan on breeding them..... :teehee


How many you have left?

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Thank you!  It actually does have double anal, it's just a bad shot. :)  I have five - this one and another short tail that looks pretty good (going orange), a derpy short tail (just imperfect proportions), a veil tail, and another with really long fins but split.  It's really time to rehome, so I can move on, but I can't decide between my top 3 :teehee

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It sounds harsh, but i tend to cull every smallest defect if i am overstocked. If you can rehome some you dont find as interesting, i would do that asap.


Another way to proceed with raising fry is to move them in an oudoors tub. This will improve the fish aswell as boost their growthrate and immune system.


I have a couple of ponds in the backyard now, alot less work and a great way to enjoy your fish during summertime!

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Here again ,   parents photo please? :stop

I have started researching for good assumption on what we can expect from individual parents.

Hello, sorry it has taken me a bit to get back here. :)


This is the father




And the mother is the little black moor here




The current home and mates, minus the driftwood which is gone now


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Oh my goodness!  I just read through this thread and it was so fascinating to see the entire progression.  You did such a fantastic job raising those fry into beautiful goldfish.  I'm happy you "spammed" me with your linky as this was a great read :D  Thank you so much for sharing and congrats!

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