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My Tanks w/video's and a lot of photo's

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Hello Everyone,
I had made this video a few days ago because I had some surprises in my tank that I wanted to share. (finally posting it now) Two of my Anubias plants gave me three beautiful flowers. One of my other Anubias plant gave me a flower earlier this year several months ago. I've been excited to see this happen again. It was also our Crowned Pearlscale's Birthday this month. We've had him for 2 years already. He's been a great fish with no health problems as of yet. (fingers crossed) I was mentioning in the video of all of their growth but forgot to mention Jersey, the Ranchu. He's grown his length in a three month period.

Here's the goldfish video.



The Birthday Boy as of August 12th. Captain, the Crowned Pearlscale




Here is Jersey Boy





Last but not least, my Dexter



Just because. I liked his long tail in this one..


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How nice to have them bloom! :)

Your fish are great! ;)

Thank you. I've been pretty lucky with having some flowers bloom this year. I think they look beautiful in the tank. :)

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Wow! I love those flowers on the anubias. I hope mine anubias eventually do that! Your fishes are big, fat, and cute! ;)

Awe! Thank you. I was pretty excited to see three all at once. My fish amaze me how they've been growing. :)

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Gorgeous Cheryl!! :heart

Thank you Mikey. :)

What beautiful, healthy looking fish! :wub:

And I didn't know anubias could bloom--that's really cool!

Happy birthday, Captain!

Thank you for the compliment. :) I didn't know anubias could produce a flower either until I had my first flower earlier this year. They are so pretty to see. I'll tell Captain what you said. :)

They're all so gorgeous Cheryl, and I'm so jealous that your fish leave your anubias flowers alone, they always get eaten in my tanks :teehee

Thank you Alicia. You should have seen Dexter the other day. He was above one of the flowers looking down at it. He looked like he was sniffing it. hahaha I was actually saying to him, Don't you dare eat that. I would have taken a photo at that moment but I didn't have my camera. Sorry about yours getting eaten. :(
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Beautiful fish and great videos Cheryl! did you name Dexter after a serial killer????? =-O

Thank you Steve. I don't know why I keep talking when I make video's but I do. hahahaha (probably because I always enjoy listening to others) No, I did not name Dexter after that serial killer. :( Wasn't his name Lexter? Dexter, Lexter, now you have me thinking!

Congrats on the flowers! The fishies and your tank all look lovely :)

Thank you Jess. 4 flowers this year! The fish are getting big. :)


Thank you Bronwyn.
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Dexter is so sweet :heart and your anubias are amazing.

Thank you Susanne. He's the hardest to photograph. Thanks about my flowers also. :)


Thank you Dawn. :) Still waiting for video's on all your tanks. (no pressure here. :) )
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