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Magoi -the black fish..


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I bought him over 3 yrs ago when he was tiny fry. He is giant now. I did some research and it looks like he is koi/goldfish hybrid and he is non-fertile. I love him to bits but I have recently made the decision about giving him away to my boyfriend's mum. She has a pond...











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Ah gah I'm such a fan! His colour, shape and finnage are all amazing, he's going to get even darker in the pond too *drool*

Oh my gosh!!!!! WHat a GORGEOUS fish! I can't believe how velvety black his coloring is.... beautiful!

He's cool looking!!!!

Thank you guys! I'm lucky to have him :) one in a million!

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I'm so glad you gave us a Magoi thread. :heart

He is just gorgeous. Definitely something to be proud of.

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