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Upgrade to 40 Gallon Breeder Tank

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I love your new setup it looks beautiful as do your fish...I'll be setting back up soon and am debating on getting another 55 or the 40b can you tell me why you like the 40b better? I do have a hard time reaching the bottom of my 55 for cleaning...

Other than easily reaching for the bottom, the width of the tank allows me to put more aquatic plants on the bottom in a way that creates a bit more perceptual depth to the landscaping than with my last tank. That perceptual depth is kind of cool. I don't think it comes across in my video though because I'm just using an iPad to record.

The fish seem to like the swimming room; i.e. they seem to enjoy swimming the width of the tank more so than the height that was in the 29 gallon. They swam up and down on the 29, especially when it was time to eat, but they didn't roam the height so much. They like roaming the width of this new tank.

The bigger opening at the top means my arms/elbows are not hitting the side of the tank when I'm cleaning and arranging plants.

I imagine it this way also: Would I want my crawling child in a narrow, high play pen or a wider, lower-walled play pen? I think the latter for me.

I hope this helps!

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When I was upgrading my tanks I too went from a 29 to a 40b but then to a 55 and finally have the 60g for almost a year. My 60 reminds me of the 40b of the width. Mine is 48x15 1/2x17or 18 high. Not 18 but close. :)

I envision down the road my fishies will get a 60g. Although I can't imagine making space for it. Maybe by then I'll have the time to do a dirted tank!

I envision down the road my fish will get a 90g. Although I can't imagine asking the owner. Maybe one day I'll get the nerve to ask him. If I could only magically find one without doing the search for one that is extremely cheap. :teehee Now that would be awesome for me. :)

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