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New fish!

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Hey guys! You may have known I had been setting up a 39 gallon tank and was asking questions mainly about cycling my tank. Well my cycle finished and I kept adding ammonia to keep it going until now! I have gotten two ranchus from my local fish store! They aren't a chain like petco or petsmart and they take good care of their fish. I'm still going to be bringing up the salt and I've added prazi pro. I wanted to order two ranchus from Cynthia, but my mom was nervous about the idea if me buying fish over the internet and them dying or something like that, but I felt bad because I had been bugging Cynthia about getting ranchus from her so, sorry Cynthia [emoji28]! Well my mom found a store that had ranchus and they were on sale so I took it as a sign that I should get them. I picked out this little girl 7upepa7y.jpg vezypuje.jpg and this little boy 3a6aqygu.jpg ynaja6y4.jpg they have been chasing each other and the boy has breeding stars. I found eggs all over the tank today but I just let them eat them. They acclimated very well! I drip acclimated them u6a5yde3.jpg when I finally put them in the tank the boy ( who is named Theodore or Theo for short) acted like nothing even happened and just explored the new tank. The girl bottom sat for about a minute and once I turned off the light to help them calm down she was up and exploring as well! Sorry for such a long post but I'm very excited about my new fish and would like to thank you guys for your help [emoji4]

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