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Baby Hamanishiki (crown pearlscales)


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I am really excited about these babies. I think they have great conformation and fun colors. I am excited to watch them grow and just in general am excited about goldfish again after losing my stock. :) They are very small, maybe 3g each and are in qt right now. Hopefully the photos will work :)

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Sorry for the delay! Work is the busiest and school starts soon! Here are some photos of the 3 babies. They are 9, 8, and 8 grams respectively.


 photo IMG_20140810_160626_502-1_zpsvjmnbxz1.jpg


 photo IMG_20140810_160430_964_zps2lubla9d.jpg



 photo IMG_20140811_200412_558_zpsfsmmsfvu.jpg



 photo IMG_20140811_200358_966_zpsjm76ozki.jpg



 photo IMG_20140811_200538_418_zpsmbrontdj.jpg



 photo IMG_20140811_200515_971_zpsqifaxp5k.jpg



 photo IMG_20140811_200452_979_zpsmn1i95tm.jpg


 photo IMG_20140810_160613_916_zps3olm5y8n.jpg photo IMG_20140810_160551_915_zpsn7pn09vp.jpg photo IMG_20140810_160546_065_zpsrwjpcqv3.jpg photo IMG_20140810_160523_903_zpsqhffexiz.jpg photo IMG_20140810_160517_356_zpsefegeip6.jpg photo IMG_20140811_205855_503_zpsa0qzixzl.jpg photo IMG_20140811_205903_603_zpsidcbz86b.jpgThey are doing great so far in their qt tub and have begun fluke treatment. Eating well and adorable.
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