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Lipstick has a freaky lump

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thank you for the video, I'm going to check in with the rest of the mod team and get their thoughts :)

I should have mentioned, before I started the Prazi i put all the fish in the QT, thoroughly scrubbed the entire tank, did a 100% WC and flushed out the tank before refilling, pulled out the gravel, disinfected all fake plants and river stones, disinfected the filter and thoroughly rinsed all filter media. I also fixed the rust issue once and for all.

So that can only be good for them!

Jared has suggested in Gumshoe's thread that I should use an antibiotic in the tank. Given that Lipstick's cysts are bacterial, it seems like a logical course of action, but just want to check in that this fits in with your game plan for Lippy?

Would this be ok given that I'm currently treating with Prazi too?

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