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For the first time in over three years, I can say, I've got a new fish! At $110 she is the most expensive fish I've ever owned, or even considered buying! (Hoping my mum doesn't ask how much I paid for her when she gets home, if she does I'll say $200 so when she finds how how much she really was it doesn't seem so bad :P)

It was VERY Hard to decide which one of these lovelies to bring home, They ALL had that "pick me pick me" face.

Frenchie (Name subject to change) Is a beautiful calico oranda, A fish I've wanted for a long time! She is my first ever Oranda and will certainly add some colour when she comes into my main tank.

We drove for an hour to the shop to buy her, I've been wanting to go to this store for a very long time but knew I wouldn't leave empty handed so waited until I knew I had room for another fish.

Without further ado (because you've probably skipped all this blahblah to see pictures anyway ;)) Here she is!

In the bag on the way home


Floating in the QT Tank




Finally out of the bag!





And as a bonus, a few phone shots of other fish at the store, I really wanted one of the pandas, but decided on one new fish at a time.





(I love the orange and black bubble eye hiding in the back!)



(Their tanks were turned on the sides, so we were looking down the length of them, so they aren't real tiny like they look :P)

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Oh I love the new fish! I like how she has an orange "Cheek" :teehee Frenchie is a cute name. The first name that came to mind as soon as I saw her was "China Doll" for some reason. :happydance And how I love several of the other fish in the store! Gimmie! :P

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Thanks everyone <3 I'm in love.

Frenchie came to me because I thought her wen looked like she was wearing a little beret lol. My first ever wenned fish

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Thanks guys! :* I had a calico in mind for a long time, I love the calico patterns and my calico fantail doesn't have much of her caliconess left now xD So I was thrilled to find so many to choose from, as hard as the decision was!

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Oh wow'!!! :clapping:

What a beauty!! such vibrant orange on her, she really ia gorgeous. I love the two-toned wen. :teehee

Worth the wait I am sure! :heart Congrats and I wish you the best with your new fishy. :heart

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What a lovely addition, great eye! I've warmed to Calico ranchu since I joined the forum and the pattern on yours is definitely the kind that catches my attention

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