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Is my QT tank cycled?

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This is my situation:

2 baby goldfish - 3 grams each that I've had now for about three weeks.

They are in a 12 gallon QT plastic bin (upgrading to tank soon).

I just finished round 4 of prazipro and salt.

I took a filter off of my main tank that was cycled for over a year and put it on the QT.

The filter has ceramic media and a cartridge from the main tank. (Main tank currently running 2 filters; one old, one new (to replace the one I took off and placed on the QT) - no cycle bump)

Air stone running.

When I check my parameters 5 days after a 100% water change I am getting 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites and 0 nitrates.

I am feeding them quite a bit and they are eating it all and producing a ton of waste.

Is it possible that the filter that I took from the main tank is doing its job and has cycled this tank?

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