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I'm sorry for dropping off the face of the planet! I myself got sick so I wasn't making it beyond the 100% necessity things on my list of to-dos and then we were without internet connection for a bit.

Anyway, just wanted to say thank you so much! Both of my orandas are back to 100%, happy, and wiggling away at everyone who comes into the room like they're little puppies.

I've switched to feeding them about 4 times a day smaller amounts - it leaves less leftover food in there with them - and siphoning out the poops everyday/every other day ontop of water changes so I think thats helping a lot!

George, my girl who was the worse off one, has actually lost the blister on her head. Mr. Wiggles still has his, but he also is seeming to have a bit of wen growth right now as well so maybe thats all it was with him?

Again, thank you so much! I look forward to reading both of your replies to other posts and learning a thing or two more. I appreciate it!

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I hope you are feeling better.

Great to hear your fish puppies are doing well!

Can you take another close up picture of Mr. Wiggles and his blister? Even if you have to isolate him in a bowl of water for the closeup, that would be good.

Since your fish have been treated with antibiotics, I suggest you feed them some probiotics to build up their beneficial gut bacteria. Look around in the goldfish food forum here for info on feeding probiotics to your fish. If you can't find a thread, then post one and ask about probiotics for goldfish.

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