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Why do I have 6 tanks set up in my house right now???

1) 55g goldfish tank.

2) 25g goldfish tank.

3) 10g tropical tank (the hubby's).

4) 5g plant grow out/baby snail tank.

5) Emergency tub to separate the suddenly aggressive BN pleco.

6) 10g QT tank.

I also loaned out a spare filter so I'm one filter short!

Arrrrgh!! I need for the snails to grow large enough to be moved to the 10g (I'll move the plants too), which will hopefully coincide with not needing the QT anymore so I can set aside the 5g. Hopefully, tomorrow the BN pleco will go to his new home (I have a good possibility), so I'll be able to put the tub away. Then in a few months the plants and snails will be grown so I can put that tank away and be back down to three. For now my 1 bedroom apartment is very humid and filled with the sound of running water.

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Reuploading (because it's hotlinked) that and saving it for future usage...like now. 5Vi7PsT.jpg

Best emoticon ever 5Vi7PsT.jpg

Thank you tiki for finding it 5Vi7PsT.jpg

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