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IM Back!

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HEY! Been an Uber long time Since I have been here (or had Goldies)

I think close to a year and a half maybe.

Anyways, I kind of lost interest in having goldies again after Big ED died.

No other goldies really captured my attention.

Well, yesterday, I litterally packed all my fish supplies up and put them away in my closet.

tanks,filters, air tubing, etc.

SO, today what do i spot at Wally world but thee cutest little Calico Telescope eye's!

I passed by the tank 3 times saying "no, I cant"

"No, really I CANT..."

"I just...I just put all my fish stuff away...I cant..."

oh..But I could- and I DID!

I was only going to get one that had caught my eye the most, he was the sassiest little thing. no dead or lethargic looking ones, no ick or fungus so, I went for it and took 2.

I bought some fresh stuff, water conditioner, food, stress coat, ick treatment, and a few other things.

right now they are in a 10 gallon ( I was a bit ill prepared) while I get my 80 gallon up and in the cycle process, but, they are both itty bitty teeny tiny

so im not to worried about them in the 10 gallon for the week till i get a plastic tube when I get paid again next week.


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Hello! They look great! How funny that you had just put your stuff away! :rofl Anyway, I'm glad you're back into it! I know how a goldfish can lure one in! (No pun intended!)

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I guess it wasn't meant for you to have all your fish supplies/tank stored away.

Welcome back with your two new cuties. Looking forward to seeing your tank set up. What a great size.

I am sorry for the loss of your Big Ed. :(

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