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Enough Filtration?

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I found this on Amazon, and it says it will ship to Australia, but would it have the US Style plug?


That's really weird. I put one in my cart the other day, proceeded to check out and got the 'we don't ship to your country message'. It definitely didn't have the we "ship to Australia" tagline for delivery, just internationally.

That is weird O_o

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Does anyone know much about the universal plug adapters and how safe they are?

We took one to Iceland a few weeks ago. It adapted US to European style plug. It worked perfectly for us. Given, it was only a few phone chargers and a hair straightener (not mine!), but nonetheless, it worked!
What, you don't use a hair straightener? :rofl

I've never traveled outside the U.S. except to Canada when I was 2, so not sure on the safety of the adapters. But plenty of people use them, I know that.

Ok... You got me! :rofl2

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