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Black ranchu available in Kingston, Ont Canada

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Since my LFS has received some weekly for a month now I thought I'd mention on here that there are baby black ranchu 1.5"(sl) being sold at Finaddicts in Kingston Ontario Canada.

Great store to deal with, they have went above and beyond for me and thought I'd let Koko Canadians know where to find this rare colour of ranchu.

Stock comes in on Thursdays but you could probably call and reserve till a weekend if you had to drive. They received 3, 8 and 5 in successive weekly shipments and both the owners and myself were pleasantly surprised. Here is my "pick of the litter"



Happy shopping and keep in mind they also sell things like omega one pellets, prazi and some less common products. I've seen some beautiful crown and golf ball pearlscale there as well as some very large Ryukin and a few small panda moors :)

Hope this helps!


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For those of you in Eastern Ontario this is also where I bought Osiris, Nephthys, the Aten and Baldrick.

Baldrick (moor), Nepthys (top left), and Osiris (top right):


Osiris (foreground) & Nephthys


the Aten


(The best picture I currently have of the Aten is from his last measuring session. He was only in the small container for about a minute!)

I love this store. They are hugely helpful and have excellent stock, both live and supply.

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Beautiful fish.

Wish I had the room...and that Kingston wasn't so far away.

Well if you're ever in this neck of the woods, you should check it out. They have resident Goldies from the owners pond that are beastly large and just great specimens as well as some display live planted tropical community tanks. My kids love Saturdays, we make a weekly visit whether we need things or not. :)
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