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Miss Parakeet Olivia :( And new bird Leilani


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I am sorry if I did not tell you about Olivia. I will tell you what happen to Olivia. I was carrying Olivia in a carrying cage, and I was going down the steps. My mom bucket hit my finger,and the cage fell out of my hand. And it roll down the steps,after that the cage open and she flew out,and that how she flew out.no sign of her for 6 days.I tired everything. It was to fustaged. My mom saw how upset I was,she let me buy a new one parakeet. Here my new bird.I am still search for Olivia to come. If some have Olivia and I get her back she get to met Leilani. So fingers cross




Keep praying for me.

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Aw no I hope you find Olivia :( I don't have any birds but when I did I was always scared of them flying away. Leilani is adorable though!

Thanks so much I miss her like crazy

I'm so sorry. I hope you find Olivia soon! Both parakeets are very pretty birds.

Thank you :(

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This is the Email I got yesterday it maybe good news yay I hope. Just pray.
saw a circular in Springfield, PA Delaware County about a found budgie.

Good Luck

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