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More Mochi :)

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Hello hello hello !

Sorry to spam the board with photos of my little Mochinator but he's just too cute not to share !!
Looks like he's been working on that wen of his after a month and a half out in the pond ;)


I brought him inside as I can never see him- he's so dark that he blends perfectly into the black bottom of the outdoor tub :doh11:
I know it's kindof selfish, but i miss seeing his adorable little face :wub:
Also, having the 5 fry in the 75 gallon tub is already pusing the limits so Mochi and Misha are now indoors for the time being lol

and another of the handsome man before I go;

I love the bright yellow around his face :heart

Oh!! And here is a before shot of the mocha babies:

hopefully some time in the pond (and lots of bloodworms!) will send them through a growth spurt :teehee

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thanks lis !!
i still can't believe i bought him out of the $3.00 tank at my lfs, he's really turned into quite a stunner :wub:

and yup, he's a goofball :teehee

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thanks so much you guys :D
i too am shocked by how much Mochi, and his kids have grown !
i can't wait to see what the summer brings for them :wub:

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