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Discus pair

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Pretty sure this is one is the mom:


Pretty sure one this the is dad:


This pair formed in my display tank. Caught them shimmying and pecking at the cone and an hour or so later there was eggs.

They ate their eggs on the 2nd day. I hope they will get it right soon.

Anyways just thought id share. :)

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They're very pretty fish!

Thank you!

Beautiful, simply beautiful! What type of Discus fish are yours?

Thanks for the kind words, the male is a blue spotted snakeskin, and the female is an Albino red spotted green. The fry will be albino intermediate which means they won't be albinos but carry the albino gene.

Cool :)


So pretty :) I love discus

Thank you! I find that they look even magnificent when they are in a big display tank.


Thanks Heidi!

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