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Have to LEAVE for 5 days... New QT

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I'm freaking out. I have to go down to my grandmother's house tonight, and I won't be back home until Wednesday afternoon. I hate leaving for so long when Karpa (Girly Fishie) is so new in her QT! I've only had her for two days! Thankfully her salt is at the right level, .3%, and her filter should be cycled in a few days, as I jump started it(I knew I'd have to go, just not so soon). None of my fish will be able to get fed again until Monday afternoon when my siblings are brought home. I, however, have to stay and work!!! I wouldn't go down, but it's my big bro's graduation party tomorrow and then I have to work, and my parents are also leaving tomorrow for my great grandmother's funeral. So, I'm strapped for options. What can I do to keep her from DYING while I'm away? I'm not even sure she has enough surface disturbance to live safely. Would it be better if I just... Put her in with Kappa? I really don't want to. She's too small and probably pretty sick. I'm really freaking out. What can I do?

If it wasn't okay for me to make a new topic, then mods please delete... I just really need help.

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