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Chelsea's Many Attempts At Fry

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So up until today I have been getting eggs at least once a week and trying to hatch them, but they kept getting eaten by worms. Two days ago I tried a different method: added a heater, hand-picked all the eggs off of the plant roots, and covered the bucket to prevent parachuting parasites. Apparently it worked, because I now have 4 little baby goldfish (that I found, anyway) zooming around in my bucket. Yesterday we had experienced a huge, power-outage-inducing storm, so I am going to name these guys 'Storm babies' for now.

Here are a couple of little vid clips from my discovery of my fishies.

Please pardon the excitement.


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Congrats!! Do you know who the mummy is? :wub:

Sorry if you mentioned it in the vid, I had to watch it muted. :)

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Thank everyone! :grouphug

What kind of worms are eating your eggs, Chelsea?

I suspect that they fall out of the trees and into my pond, Sharon. I am not sure but they look like nematodes to me. Just covering the bucket seems to deter them.

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