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New 40G


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Finally got around to upgrading Bronco and Zooms home. They were starting to look kind of big in the 20G. They look so tiny in the 40G though. My husband keeps saying how big they're getting and he's never seen such large goldfish. They both started out around 8g and 1 1/2", now they're both around 20g and 2 1/4". And growing pretty consistently now. I think he's going to see larger goldfish in the fairly near future...

The new tank and my sand sifters.


A picture of them in the old tank before moving them over. Its kind of hard to tell, but this is pretty much the whole 20G tank.


I'm really happy with how the tank turned out. The old tank and stand were the oak finish and I hated it, I really like the all black. Now I'm just waiting for a new top and lights to come in. Wouldn't you know the glass Versatop is just an 1/8” to wide. The light is going to be the Current Sat+ Led light. So so many lights to chose from. Hoping this is the right amount for the low light plants I'm keeping.

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Thanks everyone.

They seem to be enjoying the space, so much more sand to suck up and spit all over the plants. Silly things.

It is just a standard 40B, 36" x 18". It is SO much bigger than the 20 gallon we had there. They're both just tiny things really, 20g and 18g.

The blue background seems like a nice mix with the lighter sand to me. Not to dark when the lights are out and it looks good when they are on. I think black is the nicest with lights on, but it was way to dark with them off for me. I really like it without any background as well, but then all I see is algae since I let the back wall grow for them.

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