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Nice goldfish finish last


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Hello All,

This is my first post on Kokos and appreciate the various posts I have read.

I'm having a feeding problem with my goldfish. I have 3 orandas of various sizes (2.5 - 3.5 inches) and I added a new ranchu who is the smallest (about two inches). The orandas eat so fast--I feel I feed them a lot, and they're done within a minute. I don't really want to feed them more than I do now--I use a high protein sinking pellet (although I give them flakes and sometimes bloodworms).

The ranchu is not as fast and not as adept at getting the food, and I worry that it is really not going to get much food or catch up to the others.

Is there a way to feed the fish separately?



Vancouver, BC

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You could put him in a breeder box or something similar.


Learning how to hand feed will help too, but not necessary if you separate. (Fun though!)

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Do you spread the food out, or feed in one area? Spreading the food out over the length of your aquarium might help keep the Orandas from eating all of the food before the chu gets his.

I would forego feeding flakes all together. They are not nutritionally healthy for goldfish, and they float, which is not a good idea. Many people suggest soaking them to sink, but by the time they are saturated most of what little nutrition they had is now in the water you soaked them in and not the flake itself.

I agree that a breeder box would be good, and so is Hand-Feeding. I do quite a bit of hand-feeding so that my largest fish is occupied and the little ones can get what they need off the tank floor. Hand-feeding also allows for you to get individual trust of each fish, which ultimately will make handling easier in the future. I would train all of the fish in your tank to be comfortable with this, so that you can make sure each one gets enough to eat and nobody is left out.

There is also the option of feeding your orandas at one end and your ranchu at the other end of the tank. At first this can be achieved with a tank divider during feeding time, but soon the fish will more than happily go to their ends of the tank to be fed.

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I had a bubble eye that was initially having a hard time finding food. He would reach for the food but then miss it and eventually another fish would come along and swipe it - it was like bobbing for apples. I was very concerned that he wasn't getting enough to eat, so I started placing him in a mesh basket floating in the tank during feeding time. Eventually, he became much more adept at finding food, and was able to compete with the best of them, so I no longer had to do this. Hand-feeding is also a good option, as Chelsea mentioned. I have to hand-feed my apple snails, and boy, have they grown since I started doing that! [emoji4]

Good for you for picking up on this problem. For food, I would recommend the 1mm New Life Spectrum Thera+A sinking pellets, Hikari sinking pellets, or Repashy Soilent Green gel food as good staples.

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