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Angel tank.

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Here is a video update of my 50 gallon tropical tank, with my fairly large, super veil angelfish and friends. I tried to get a shot of Nergal, the common pleco, under her rocks, but you can't really see her. Maude, the largest angel, is being bratty to Maybelle (dark marble angel), and Jagger (bowed fin angel)- I think she has PMS, to be honest. I am sure all of us ladies can relate. :krazy:

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Jamie, they look fantastic! Great to see you on here again too! :)

I love the long finned bristlenose :heart

Thanks, Fang! Glad to see you, as well. :D

Yeah- the bristle babies are lovely! They are just in there until around August, so they can grow a bit more. I am afraid they are goldie mouth sized, right now. Hopefully, there will be boys and girls in there, so I end up with babies to share. They look like little water sprites, or something. <3

All the fish are beautiful!

The Angel is just a WEE bit on the cranky side. :rofl

Thank you! Yeah, she's normally pretty docile- she's just feeling a little sassy, today. Her tummy also looks pretty round, so I am guessing she has eggs, in there. Or, it could have been because I was sitting in front of the tank, and she thought food was coming, and wanted to be sure she pushed the others out of the way to get it. She is the boss of the tank. hehe. :D

The tank is beautiful. I can't believe the finnage on those angels! I didn't know they could get that long.

Thank you! Yeah, they have crazy fins. They generally DON'T get that long, even for "super veils"... I'm glad they have the "tall" tank. Maude (the largest) is right around 11" from top to bottom, if you catch her at full fin extension. I'm not sure if it happened because I've been feeding them blood worms and tubifex worms since they were about the size of a nickel, or if there's something in my water that gives me mutant fish. Whatever it is, I'm certainly ok with it! ;)

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I love angels. I miss mine.

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Thank you! They are some of my favorite fish, other than goldies, of course. I'm sorry you don't have any, anymore.

Wow they are stunning. You should share more often.

Thank you! I think we can arrange that! :)

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