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Alternative to Metro Meds?

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The long-time members will know that I have one special needs fish in my flock that will develop dropsy every once in a while. He always gets treated with Metro Meds, but I wonder what alternative there is, so the effectiveness of MMs won't completely go downhill over time?

I'm not gonna fill out the D&D form because it really is unnecessary. His problems were discussed to major extend years ago and there is nothing I can do but to keep him in his long term "special needs" hospital tub and treat him for dropsy whenever it recurs.

I just wonder because he is currently going through his fifth bout over the years. The last time before this, I didn't have MMs on hand and instead began treating with a combination of Metro powder and Kanaplex powder in his gel food, which worked incredibly well. After a few days of this treatment, Alex informed me that Kanaplex is tough on the fish's kidneys and to rather switch over to MMs, which I did.

Currently I am treating this fish with metro powder in gel food, since the MMs I received from GFC are a bad batch, and Rick advised me to not feed this to the fish. The replacement pack will probably arrive over the next few days.

However, are there any other antibiotics that work well for this symptom and are still "gentle" like MMs? Just to switch it up a bit. Even if it's only for the next bout, if there is one, and afterwards back to MMs, if that even makes any sense.

Thanks in advance for any info you can give me :)

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Hi Fang,

Metro-meds contains metronidazole, Romet B, and oxytetracycline.

To make alternative, you could use TriSulfa and oxytetracycline, or just one of those compounded with Metrondiazole. :)

You could even used furan, although I have never tried that myself.

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