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Copper babies


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I just have a quick question - does anyone have pictures of how goldfish fry grow up? My friend bred two ranchus. One is all black and the other is white with orange blotches. All the babies are copper and have no wens. Obviously it takes a while for the wens to grow, but I was wondering ... how long will it take the babies to color up? I've had copper goldfish before, but they've all turned orange and nothing else. Will these guys do the same? does anyone have experiences with the babies transforming into white or black adult from copper coloration?

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Most goldfish fry starts out with this color. Unfortunately I can't tell you how long it takes for them to color up, as this depends on the fish's genes. I have seen goldfish that were still copper at adult size (which I think looks incredibly amazing, I'd love to have one like that), and some teeny tiny half inch goldfish at the LFS that were already fully colored.

My own fry, let me go through my picture folders really quick to see how long it took them to color up. I'll be right back :D

Alright, so my single tail fry that started out copper. At seven months old he was still copper. Two and a half weeks later the copper had darkened a lot, but he had lost about 90% of it, revealing a pale yellow, but started going more orange quickly.

At eleven months old he was of a nice bright orange with a few black markings left which eventually faded away. He darkened a bit over the years (he is now almost 3 years and 3 months old) and is now a beautiful deep orange, but has recently developed more and more single white scales scattered across his sides.

The other one, a lionhead x ranchu "accident", was almost fully bright orange by the time he was five months old.

As you see, in my cases it took anywhere from five to eleven months for the fish to get close to its adult coloration. I hope this helps!

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