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Moss ball


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Hi guys;

Quick question: how do I sterilize moss balls?? I've just ordered bunch of plants on ebay and will be treating them with PP solution. I know that a lot of you use bleach but I have never tried it. Btw., what kind of bleach are you using?

Thank you :)

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Hi Kat!

You can treat marimo with the same PP solution if you'd like for just as long, but keep an eye out on them. :)

As for bleach, DEFINITELY watch them the entire time. If they start to turn lighter at ALL, take them out!

The only down side to soaking marimos is that they're absorbent so will need a little extra time in primed/clean water afterwards.

You'll need to squeeze it while in the water until the water is as clean as you can get it and you don't see anymore PP (if you choose this route) and the dirt is minimal.

They are little sponges that suck up all sorts of dirt, sand, and other detritus from their environment and will be pretty gross inside. Once their insides are clean (they'll never be 100% clean and trying to get them to be is going to most likely squish them to death) and you've primed the chemicals away, they'll be good to go. :D

Remember to be gentle but squeeze in different spots. They're very fragile after shipping but they can handle a good cleaning.

I personally do not sterilize them as most of the time you can visually see if there's anything on them and squeeze them in a container until the insides are clean.

QTing them in a gentle salt solution for a few days away from direct sunlight after gently cleaning them is the non-bleach/PP way to go. That way you can see if the marimo has any hitchhikers, too.

...why haven't I written a guide for this sort of thing yet? I can include videos, too.


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