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Permanent tank for disabled Fancy?

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My entered text got deleted (honestly it was a wall of text) so here's round #2

The dilemma: 4 year old Pearlscale has possibly permanent SBD, needs final tank setup.

Water changes: twice weekly (50%) and weekly 75% (3 changes per week total)

Filter: Aqueon Quietflow 50gal

Tank: 26gal long (custom tank my aunt bought, 34in long)

Airstone: 1 large at center of tank

I've had these 3 goldfish for 4 years, an orange Telescope and a white Pearlscale. The Tele only had slight ich when I got him and he was an inch long, now he's 6 inches and totally healthy, eating well, etc.

The Pearl has always had a load of SB problems. Also when I bought her the pet store employee handled her really roughly and "broke" her fins (basically they're very crumpled and don't stand erect), and it's a problem that has never been sorted out.

Never a good swimmer, grew more wide than she did long (only like 4.5 inches long). Thought she was egg-bound at first so did the whole temperature/light regulation thing for a month, then tried out helping her expel eggs (belly stroking over airstone). Then thought there might be a long-time bacterial infection, so ended up giving her an epsom salt bath and quarantining her in a 10gal with 100% water change daily.

Anyway, to avoid another wall of text, I'm forced to believe she's just physically deformed. She's a pet store buy from a cramped tank with dozens of poorly-bred fantails and pearls, so I'm just kind of rambling here

For the past 3 days I had her on a diet of thawed frozen peas, and she's been kept in a small shallowly-filled storage bin and seems to do really well in there. She's totally upright though isn't swimming much at all (though she CAN swim forward without tipping over which is great), and I've also been treating her with AQ salt with 100% daily water changes. She perked up right as I stuck her in the shallow water (1 inch over her dorsal fin) so I think taking off a loooot of pressure did her well as well with the WC and peas.

Anyway, I can't keep her in a bin forever. The Tele is going to be outdoors for the summer only. I'd be okay with keeping the Pearl in the 26gal filled really shallowly, but what am I to do once the Tele is put back? Also she doesn't swim more than 10 inches at a time so it'd be sort of pointless to put her in the big tank?

Anyway, thanks for any help. And yell at me if I'm doing anything wrong. I just want my girl to be okay :/

EDIT: I can post pictures of her once I figure out how to. Also sorry if I put this in the wrong forum

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Have you ever had her problems discussed here? If not, maybe do so. Filling out the form may also help, some fish are very sensitive to nitrate and develop buoyancy issues caused by higher readings of this toxin.

If the issues have already been discussed, and there is nothing else to be done, then keep reading:

I have a fish like that too and have set up a sterilite tub filled shallow, which gave him incredible relief and is now his forever home, which he shares with a permanent bottom sitter. It is a 30g tub with a large footprint that I initially filled to only about 5 inches. Shortly after he swam normal again, and every time I change the water I filled the tub a bit higher. I now keep it filled at 75%, with an internal 200gph filter because he still can't take too much current, but he has slowly gotten used to 8-9 inches of water depth.

Changing almost all the water twice weekly, keeping it as clean as possible and wiping down the bottom because of the bottom sitter.

Separating the one fish will also be beneficial for the other two fish. Two in a 26 is still quite overstocked, but it cuts down the bio load by a third.

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