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Something might be wrong but not sure


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PH Tank - 7.6

PH Tap - 8ish

Ammonia Tank - 0

Ammonia Tap - 0

Nitrite Tank - 0

Nitrite Tap - 0

Nitrate Tank - 0

Nitrate Tap - 0

Test Kit - API Drops

Tank Size - 75 Gallons

Fish - 3 goldfish 1 BN and 1 rubberlip

Water change Schedule - 50-90% each week

Last Water Change - Yesterday about 80%

Filters - Rena canisters XP3 and an XP2

Feeding - Pro gold. gel-food, Brine Shrimp and blood worms.

Tank Med History - Just started second round of Prazi for a 40 day treatment.

Meds on Hand: Epsom Salt, , Prazi pet store right down the street if I need something else.

Symptoms - Little Bit and Luna seem fine. Just as active. But Angel seems less active since yesterday. This morning she was so slow I thought she was dead. Once she "smelled" the food she did wiggle over and eat but she is doing to much bottom sitting. But once she was done she was back to resting. She has always been lazy but it seems worse now.

Is this normal for prazi treatments for flukes? Only did prazi one time and the fish did not get sick or slow like Angel is.

Thanks for any input.

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