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Black lines surrounding scales

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One of my new fish (the yellow common...Big Bird) had a small black line/mark on the line that goes through the middle of the side of their body. I showed it to the person I got Big Bird from and she was not concerned about it. It just looked like coloration to me. Today I noticed that Big Bird now has 2 scales that are outlined in black. She is acting the same (a little fast swimming and zippy in the pond) and eating fine. I can't think of any diseases/parasites that would look like that. I did Prazi the pond today since Elmo (my red common) had been zipping around the pond before I got the new fish (could be because she is nervous since Oreo- the male - seems to like to chase her the most). To be safe I wanted to treat (Prazi) all the fish for the spring.

Any thoughts on what could cause black lines to surround scales?

Ammonia: 0-0.25, nitrite: 0, nitrate: 0-5, pH: 7.9.

300 gallons and 9 fish.



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